Poetry Critique Rates:

Are you looking for help tightening and sharpening your poem(s) for publication I charge $50 per one page poem; if the poem is two pages then the cost is $100.  You can send the poem by post or email.

All payments are due in advance via PayPal.

Full-Manuscript Summary/Status:
($500 / 5 hours);
Chapbook Manuscript Summary/Status:
($300 / 3 hours)

This is the least intensive option.
For this you will receive:

  • A one to two-page written summary of its overall theme, strengths and weaknesses, areas of particular concern, poems that could be cut, or added, and basic suggestions to strengthen the whole.
  • Alternate titles if the reading suggests one.
  • Recommendations for necessary edits.
  • A follow-up e-mail or in person consultation where you can ask questions pertaining to my summary or general questions you have about the manuscript, submitting, etc.

    Full-Manuscript Summary and Partial Edit:
    ($700 / 7 hours)

    For this you will receive:
  • All the services in overall manuscript summary with the line edits on eight poems.  This service also includes an e-mail consultation.
  • A thorough initial read-through of your manuscript and a line-by-line edit, including alternate title suggestions for each poem where necessary. Line edits will include grammar, punctuation, alternate phrasing, and questions in places where I feel more significant rewriting needs to take place.
  • Suggestions for reordering of the manuscript where necessary.
  • A one-page summary explaining overall strengths and weaknesses.
  • An in-depth e-mail consultation where we can discuss specifc questions about line edits and suggestions as well as prospects for publication.

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